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          .1- Project Analysis
            On receiving project requirements, we will review the purpose and content of the document, calculate word count, and consider related information such as budget and delivery time from the client. After confirming all the specific requirements, we will provide the quote.

          .2- Translator Review
            Once the project is commissioned to MTS, we will select the most suitable translator who has extensive experience in the client's desired field from our professional translation team.

          .3- Translation
            MTS will assign the project to professional translators who are native or near native speaker.

          .4- Proofreading and Editing
            The first draft will be proofread. Proofreader will conduct quality checks for semantic, style, expression, terminology, missing words and other translation-related issues.

          .5- Formatting
            After proofreading and editing, we will manage the format production and all the pre-press production according to client’s need.

          .6- Quality Analysis and Review
            After translation and typesetting, our professional management team will review the final product, and confirm if the quality has reached client’s expectation.