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          - Luxury and cosmetics
          BLANCPAIN :
          Prompt, correct and accurate professional service. Highly recommended.
          CASIO Watch
          MTS understands client's products and requirements, providing the most accurate service, surpassing other translation company in quality and standard.
          Mont Blanc
          The translation is accurate. What is more, MTS provides great service and coordinating ability, and is always ready to make adjustments in response to client's requirements.
          Ralph Lauren


          - IT
          FUJI XEROX


          - News editing
          CNNGo HONK KONG


          - Advertisement and PR Agency
          Pilot Group :
          With the best translation quality, you are the best translation company that we have worked with. And you are also able to adapt in different styles of expression based on client’s requirements.


          - Language Providers
            Information System Engineering